Sports Quiz Created on 11/01/2013 by PushPage Team

Answer the questions below to complete the quiz. You'll then get to a page that shows how others answered these questions.
  1. 1. What's your favorite sport to play?

  2. 2. What are your favorite sport teams?

    For example: The Boston Celtics
  3. 3. Who are your all-time favorite athletes?

    For example: Larry Bird
  4. 4. What sports clip have you watched the most times?

    The link should look like
  5. 5. What's the best sporting event you've ever attended?

    For example: The 2010 Superbowl in Miami
  6. 6. What's your favorite game in sports history?

    For example: 1986 World Series Game 6: NY Mets vs. Boston Red Sox
  7. 7. What athlete do you currently enjoy watching the most?

    For example: Tom Brady