Travel Quiz Created on 11/01/2013 by PushPage Team

Answer the questions below to complete the quiz. You'll then get to a page that shows how others answered these questions.
  1. 1. What's your favorite place you've ever traveled to?

    For example: Marrakech, Morocco
  2. 2. Where do you most want to travel to that you've never been?

    For example: Cape Town, South Africa
  3. 3. What's the most memorable sight you've ever seen?

    For example: Iguazu Falls in Parana, Brazil
  4. 4. What's the most adventurous trip you've taken?

  5. 5. What's your most memorable travel story?

  6. 6. Where have you traveled to the most times?

  7. 7. What's the worst thing that's happened to you while traveling?